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Skypax has been shipping globally since 2009.

We provide US Parcel Forwarding and UK parcel forwarding to customers around the world. Our Shopping Concierge team have also assisted thousands of customers purchase from US and UK retailers who don’t accept their international payment cards.

SkypaxUS.com provide individuals and business with a US address at our secure premises in Orlando, Florida. Whether you are an international customer looking to purchase products from US stores and have us safely receive and forward them to you, or whether you are a business looking for a US depot to hold and handle your inbound or outbound shipments, we can accommodate your requirements.

With Skypax you know your freight will be treated with the utmost care and is in the hands of worldwide shipping experts. Our US hub is strategically placed on the US east coast near the Miami international hub, meaning your freight will always be handled speedily and efficiently. This ensures minimum transit time for all your packages or pallets after despatch. We can also provide you with your own UK delivery address in London. Just visit Skypax.com for further details.

Our customers also love Skypax for our complete and personal service, as well as our bespoke capability.

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US Parcel Forwarding

Have your own personalised US delivery address for online orders

  • Shop US Online Retailers
  • Use your Skypax US Address For Delivery
  • We Receive & Forward To You Anywhere

Shopping Concierge

Tell us what you want and let us do the work

  • Tell Us What You Would Like To Purchase
  • We Place The Order For You
  • We Receive & Forward to You Anywhere