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For very large items such as furniture, cookers, please contact us for a quote.

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Any import taxes levied by the destination country are the responsibility of the receiver.

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How to Measure The Dimension Weight of Your Packages?

Dimensional weight is calculated by length (L) x width (W) x height (H) of a package, in centimeters, and divide it by 5000.

(*)Dimensional weight does not apply to Airmail shipments.

What is Billable Weight?

Laptop or Teddy Bear – Which costs more to ship? Yes, a light and fluffy teddy bear can cost more to ship than a computer. The cost of shipping an item depends on both its actual weight and its dimensions weight – the amount of space the item fills in an airplane’s cargo area. All international couriers use the higher of actual weight or dimensional weight to determine shipping costs (billable weight), so a large teddy bear can cost more to ship than a laptop.

Are there any items that Skypax cannot ship?

Click here to see our list of prohibited and restricted items

I want to make a number of orders from different retailers. Can you put these all into a single shipment for me?

Yes, absolutely. This can make shipping more cost effective.

There is a retailer that does not accept my credit card. Can you assist with purchase?

Yes, please use our concierge service, or email customer support with any questions.

What is Voumetric weight?

To view more or if you have any more questions please visit our Support Center


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